Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage Wedding Photography

What Is Reportage Wedding Photography?

If you have been studying the different wedding photography options available, you have probably come across reportage wedding photography. What is it exactly, and more importantly, is it the right style for your big day?

In essence, reportage wedding photography is a unique technique of photo journalism or documentary where photographers tell a story through pictures. The problem these days is that the term “reportage wedding photography” has been grossly misused by many substandard photographers.

This explains the proliferation of poor quality snapshots that are often devoid of a narrative or information and are rarely in context. The results are pictures that are almost amateur in delivery – something you certainly want to avoid.

Our wedding photography services are incredibly personal. We veer from the traditional approach that consists mainly of isolated headshots and staged poses that fail to capture the magic and beauty of weddings. All our pictures are designed to take you back to those special moments with stunning clarity and evoke a strong emotional connection. This results in a timeless, truly significant body of work.

We believe that true reportage wedding photography is more than just delivering beautiful photos. With every shot, we aim to provoke an interpretation or stir up your heartstrings with vivid memories that are captured masterfully.

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